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This week in computer news

  1. Government Surveillance Using Push Notifications: Unidentified governments are reportedly surveilling smartphone users through their apps' push notifications​​.

  2. Alphabet's Gemini AI Model: Alphabet has unveiled its long-awaited Gemini AI model​​.

  3. Former Twitter Executive's Lawsuit: An ex-Twitter executive claims in a lawsuit that he was fired for raising security concerns​​.

  4. Nvidia and US Compliance on Chip Exports to China: Nvidia is working closely with the US to ensure its new chips for China comply with export curbs​​.

  5. EU Talks on AI Rules: Disputed landmark AI rules are facing crucial talks in the European Union​​.

  6. US FTC's Action Against Microsoft's Activision Deal: The US FTC is making another attempt to stop Microsoft's already-closed deal for Activision​​.

  7. China's EV Maker Nio's Plans: Chinese EV maker Nio is planning to spin off its battery production unit​​.

  8. Data Theft at Fresenius Medical Care: Data on 500,000 people was stolen in a cybersecurity breach at Fresenius Medical Care​​.

  9. UK's Warning on AI Use and Privacy: The UK watchdog has issued warnings to companies regarding the use of AI and privacy concerns​​.

  10. China's Expectations from Microsoft on AI Cooperation: China hopes Microsoft will play a constructive role in AI cooperation between China and the US​​.

  11. Bank of England's Focus on AI in Finance: The Bank of England is intensifying its scrutiny of the rise of AI in the financial sector​​.

  12. SentinelOne's Market Performance: SentinelOne's stock soars after being labeled an 'emerging cybersecurity challenger'​​.

  13. Twitch's Closure in South Korea: Twitch is set to shut down its operations in South Korea due to high costs​​.

  14. Ola Electric's Revised Sales Targets: India's Ola Electric has slashed its sales targets ahead of a planned IPO​​.

  15. VAST Data's Valuation Increase: Nvidia-backed VAST Data's valuation surged to $9.1 billion in its latest funding round​​.

  16. China's New Supercomputer: China launched a new homegrown supercomputer, which is reportedly much more powerful than previous versions​​.

  17. Hong Kong AI Lab's Color-Changing Fabric: An AI lab in Hong Kong aims to reduce clothing waste with a color-changing fabric​​.

  18. IBM's Quantum Computing Advancements: IBM has released 'IBM Quantum Heron', its most performant quantum processor to date, and unveiled 'IBM Quantum System Two', the company’s first modular quantum computer. These developments are part of IBM’s roadmap to advance quantum computing over the next ten years​​.

  19. Breakthrough in Computing Memory Technology: Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed hybrid phase-change memristors, a new form of computing memory that is fast, dense, and low-power. This innovation combines the advantages of memristors and phase-change materials to overcome the limitations of existing memory technologies​​.

These updates cover a broad spectrum of topics, including advancements in AI, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and computing memory technology, highlighting the rapid pace of change and innovation in the field of computer technology.

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