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This week in computer and technology news, there are several notable developments:

  1. SpaceX has been making headlines with a series of satellite launches. They have launched their first set of satellites with direct-to-cell capabilities, which is a significant advancement in communication technology. Additionally, SpaceX has been criticized by the US labor agency for allegedly firing workers critical of Elon Musk. In other news, India plans to use a SpaceX rocket to launch a communications satellite.

  2. In the business and tech world, Goldman is reportedly in talks with BlackRock and Grayscale to be part of spot bitcoin ETFs, according to CoinDesk. Also, Tesla's China-made electric vehicle sales jumped 68.7% in December, indicating a strong market presence in the region.

  3. The tech sector is also seeing advancements in health technology. For instance, a Seattle wellness startup launched by an Amazon leader and Army veteran aims to support new moms. Additionally, Pfizer's $43 billion acquisition of Seagen may have significant impacts on Seattle's biotech market.

  4. In the realm of consumer electronics, LG has revealed its 2024 OLED TVs ahead of the CES event, promising high refresh rates and improved sound and visuals. Samsung has also unveiled three anti-glare Odyssey OLED gaming monitors, which are expected to enhance the gaming experience significantly.

  5. There are exciting developments in mobile technology as well, with several new phone launches and updates. For example, the Moto G34 5G is set to launch in India, and the Tecno Pop 8 with a 6.6-inch HD+ Display has been launched in India. Additionally, Samsung's Galaxy A55 renders have been leaked, suggesting three color options for the new model.

  6. In the field of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, researchers and companies are making significant strides. Korean scientists have developed a cheaper, safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries, and Caltech has made a breakthrough in mind control with its pioneering ultrasound brain-machine interface. There's also a notable development in LED lights potentially revolutionizing internet and data transmission.

  7. The gaming industry is also witnessing exciting changes with the integration of generative AI, which could transform the way video games are developed, tested, and played.

These are just a few highlights from a week filled with technological advancements and significant developments in the computer and tech industry.

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