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Roundup of today's notable developments in the world of computing

  1. Microsoft's New Computer Chips: Microsoft has announced the development of two new custom-designed computing chips. These chips are part of a broader trend among big tech firms to bring core technologies in-house, particularly to mitigate the high costs associated with delivering artificial intelligence (AI) technologies​​.

  2. Rhysida Ransomware Attacks: The FBI and CISA have issued a warning about the Rhysida ransomware gang. This group has been conducting opportunistic attacks targeting various industry sectors. Such alerts highlight the continuing challenges of cybersecurity threats in the computing world​​.

  3. Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Updates: On the latest Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released fixes for five zero-day vulnerabilities. This ongoing effort to patch vulnerabilities is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of Microsoft's software ecosystems​​.

  4. ODROID-M1S Single-Board Computer: Hardkernel, marking its 15th anniversary, has released the ODROID-M1S, a new single-board computer. This device is available in four different models, with up to 8 GB of RAM, demonstrating the ongoing innovation in compact and efficient computing hardware​​.

  5. Software Documentation Trends for 2024: An emerging trend in software documentation is "Documentation as Code" (DaC). This approach treats documentation with the same level of importance as code, allowing software teams to better integrate it into the development lifecycle. This trend reflects a broader shift towards more integrated and efficient software development practices​​.

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