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IT services you need.

Today’s business is highly dependent on technology and efficiency. Simply put, you can’t afford any downtime. CopperState IT Services keeps your computers and network running all the time. The secret is proactive managed IT services.

A CopperState managed service plan is all about being proactive. CopperState uses a proactive approach to mitigate issues before they begin to affect your business. This affordable plan includes everything your business needs for IT support. You’ll get full-time support for less than a part-time, on-site IT professional.

Tech Support

You and your employees will have a virtually unlimited tech support team at their disposal. CopperState combines industry leading SLA’s with a U.S. based support team to support you and your business.

Network Management & Support

Your network and computers need to be secure. CopperState's IT service plan includes enterprise-level antivirus and anti-spyware software at no additional cost. CopperState manages the users on your network and will set up security based on your policies. No one has time to deal with spam so CopperState prevents up to 98% of e-mail-born spam from entering your network and e-mail system.

Server Monitoring & Management

CopperState provides 24×7 server monitoring and support. This makes sure that your most critical network piece is ready to work whenever you are. With included services such as data backup and disaster recovery planning, you can rest assured knowing your network is both stable and secure.

Proactive Support

Technology infrastructure security is a continual process of identifying weaknesses, finding solutions, and implementing changes. Businesses concerned about the protection of data–often including sales records, customer information, emails, spreadsheets, databases etc.–implement processes to *proactively* handle threats before they can negatively affect your business.

Why partner with CopperState?

Free network audit: an in-depth assessment.

Your network can never truly meet its potential until you accurately assess what you already have in place. A CopperState network assessment will provide you with a wealth of rich, in-depth information regarding your network’s health, stability, and long-term scalability. This information will give you a good look at where you are, and where you should be going. The reports are broken down into several different formats that cater to a wide range of individuals with varying degrees of technical knowledge.

Business continuity: stay secure from downtime.

In a world where opportunities are measured in seconds, not minutes, downtime is a cost your business cannot afford. Over the past decade businesses have become more susceptible to dangers of downtime due to the hyper-competitiveness of many modern industries. Making sure that your business has the tools to continue moving forward, regardless of what is thrown at it, is no longer a luxury but a necessity. CopperState uses best practices with regards to redundancy processes that make sure your business is not only as secure from downtime as possible, but also has the ability to recover quickly if the unthinkable does occur.

Scaling your business: we grow with your needs.

CopperState is a firm believer that managed support is truly a partnership where the wins and losses are felt by both sides. We aim to partner with businesses looking to take the steps necessary to take them and their team, to the next level. CopperState will work with you to create a technology road map that will grow and evolve with your business. With our CIO consulting services, you can keep an eye on your future, while making sure the network you have in place today is fully supported. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or upgrading and expanding your current network, CopperState has the plan and experience to help you reach your long term goals.

In the ever changing world of healthcare technology, there will always be a need to not only implement new strategies, but also maintain the equipment integral to making these strategies long-term solutions. Healthcare industries are increasingly moving towards new methods to increase efficiencies and the quality of patient care. With the ever present requirements of HIPPA compliance as well as patient record regulation and retention, technology has moved from a novelty and luxury for “high-end” practices to a mission critical necessity integral in the success of any medical organization. While more and more organizations are moving to implement new technologies, like electronic medical records, many are not actively engaging in supporting and maintaining their technology infrastructure so that they and their patients are able to reap the benefits. Technology, like most complex systems, is only as good as its last checkup.


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CopperState provides the same IT services a Fortune 500 company has, but at a price created for small and medium-sized businesses.

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