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Windows 11 tips and tricks to help you navigate and make the most of the new operating system

1. Start Menu and Taskbar:

Customize your Start Menu by pinning your favorite apps and rearranging tiles.

Drag and drop apps from the Start Menu to the taskbar for quick access.

Use the "Widgets" button on the taskbar to access news, weather, calendar, and other widgets.

2. Snap Layouts and Snap Groups:

Use Snap Layouts to easily organize and snap windows into predefined layouts.

Create Snap Groups to save and restore sets of apps and windows you use together.

3. Virtual Desktops:

Create multiple virtual desktops for different projects or tasks by clicking on the "Task View" button in the taskbar.

Drag and drop windows between different virtual desktops for better organization.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts:

Win + D: Show/hide desktop.

Win + E: Open File Explorer.

Win + L: Lock your PC.

Win + Space: Change input method (keyboard language).

Win + Number (1-9): Open or switch to the app pinned to the taskbar in that position.

5. Snap Assist:

When you snap a window to one side, Windows 11 will suggest other apps to fill the remaining space. This can improve multitasking.

6. Taskbar Customization:

Right-click the taskbar to access options like aligning it to different edges of the screen or combining taskbar buttons.

You can also turn system icons on/off or adjust the notification area.

7. Touch Gestures:

Swipe in from the left edge to switch between open apps.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to minimize a window.

Use two-finger gestures to zoom and rotate images in certain apps.

8. Dark Mode and Themes:

Customize your system appearance by choosing from light, dark, or custom accent color themes.

Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors to explore these options.

9. Search and Voice Assistant:

Use Win + S to quickly access the search feature to find files, apps, settings, and more.

Windows 11 includes Microsoft's voice assistant, Cortana. You can activate it with Win + C.

10. Game Features:

Use the new Gaming menu to access game-related settings, captures, and more.

Windows 11 also introduces Auto HDR and DirectStorage for enhanced gaming experiences on compatible hardware.

Remember, Windows 11 is designed to provide a more centered and streamlined experience compared to previous versions. While these tips and tricks should help you get started, don't hesitate to explore the new features and settings.

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