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Microsoft Office 365 apps and their notable features.

Microsoft Word:

Collaborative Editing: Multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously and see changes in real-time.

Smart Writing Assistance: Offers spelling and grammar suggestions, as well as writing style improvements.

Researcher: Allows you to search for and insert citations and references directly into your document.

Templates: Access to a wide variety of pre-designed templates for different types of documents.

Microsoft Excel:

Power Query: Helps you gather, transform, and analyze data from various sources.

Power Pivot: Allows you to create data models and perform advanced calculations.

Data Visualization: Enhanced chart types and formatting options for better data representation.

Collaborative Editing: Multiple users can work on the same workbook simultaneously.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Designer: Automatically suggests design ideas for your slides based on your content.

Morph Transition: Creates smooth animations between slides to enhance presentations.

Presenter Coach: Provides real-time feedback on your presentation delivery, including pacing and tone.

Collaboration: Like other Office apps, PowerPoint also supports real-time collaborative editing.

Microsoft Outlook:

Focused Inbox: Automatically sorts important emails into a separate tab for better organization.

Calendar Integration: Seamlessly manage your schedule, meetings, and appointments.

Rules and Quick Steps: Automate email organization and tasks with customizable rules.

Search Enhancements: Improved search capabilities to quickly find emails, contacts, and attachments.

Microsoft OneNote:

Notebook Organization: Create notebooks with sections and pages for easy note-taking.

Inking and Drawing: Supports digital inking and drawing for handwritten notes and sketches.

Tagging and Search: Add tags to notes for categorization and quickly find notes using keywords.

Note Sharing: Collaborate on notebooks with others and share notes in real-time.

Microsoft Teams:

Chat and Video Calls: Connect with team members through text chat, audio calls, and video conferencing.

Channels and Tabs: Organize discussions and content into dedicated channels with customizable tabs.

File Sharing and Collaboration: Share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations within Teams.

App Integrations: Integrate third-party apps and services to extend Teams' functionality.

Microsoft OneDrive:

File Storage and Syncing: Store files in the cloud and sync them across devices.

Version History: Keep track of changes and restore previous versions of files.

Sharing and Collaboration: Share files with others and collaborate in real-time on documents.

Personal Vault: An extra layer of security for sensitive files with two-factor authentication.

Microsoft Forms:

Custom Forms: Create surveys, quizzes, and feedback forms with various question types.

Response Analysis: View and analyze responses in real-time with built-in analytics.

Automated Workflows: Connect Forms with other apps using Power Automate for streamlined processes.

Remember that Office 365 apps and features might vary based on your subscription plan. It's advisable to visit the official Microsoft website or your Microsoft 365 account for the latest information on app features and updates.

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